Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club operates from the premises of Brownlow Fold Primary School on all days that the pupils are required to attend school.

Start time: 8:00am.

All Parents and children must enter through the Key Stage 1 Cloakroom Door and not through the Front Door.

Last admittance 8:30am Children will NOT be allowed into Breakfast Clubafter this time. 

Finish Time 8:50am

Cost £1.00 per session

Booking a place at Breakfast Club

Parents must complete a registration form before a child can attend Breakfast Club.

Signing in:  For each session parents must bring their child to the club and sign the register each morning. Children will NOT be allowed to turn up on their own.

At the start of the school day the Breakfast Club staff will sign out all the children before dismissing them to their classes. ALL infant children will be taken to their classroom. Junior children will be allowed to go on their own.

Terms and Conditions