Welcome to Brownlow Fold Nursery Unit

The nursery unit is a separate large building from the main school and has the capacity to take 59 children in any one session. The children come from a much wider area than the main school.

The nursery offers highly qualified staff, excellent facilities and an established, excellent pre-school reputation.

The school and nursery unit are run by Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, just like most local schools. The local authority provides every child with three hours of free nursery education each day. The local authority no longer funds full-time places. However, the nursery is registered with OFSTED which means that parents may pay for dinner supervision and extra sessions if they wish. The care packages will link into the educational provision so that families can have both education and care for children in the nursery.

Some parents may qualify for child care grants, contact the Inland Revenue for information. The helpline number is 0845 609 5000. Our registration number is 105149.